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As a former Assistant District Attorney, I have prosecuted so-called "White Collar" crimes. As a private attorney I have defended many who have been accused of these "White Collar" crimes. There is no substitute for experience in representing clients charged with these crimes. If you need an experience attorney, contact Charles E. Douglas online or call 405.329.2300 for a free initial consultation.

Bribery statutes can be found at 21 O.S. 380 through 21 O.S. 406.

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Non-violent acts involving deception, typically know as white collar crimes, are commonly committed by a public official or person of business. Signs of a white collar crime normally involve a trail of evidence known as a "paper trail" that investigators use for prosecution of the case.

There are many different types of white collar crimes I can assist you with, including:




Fraud and financially-motivated offenses



White collar crimes an be further broken down into three typologies: theft crimes, crimes against public administration and regulatory offenses. White collar crime is considered a form of theft when it involves things like embezzlement, which is appropriating anothers' money or thing of value for one's own purposes. White collar crime can be a regulatory offense, say, when a broker violates a securities law that results in investors losing money. White collar crime can also be a crime against public administration when it falls under the umbrella of perjury or offering bribes.