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Weapons offenses are frequently felony offenses, especially when the weapon is actually used. Gun and other weapon charges are handled very harshly in Oklahoma and convictions for these types of offenses often result in jail time, large fines and criminal records that can affect a persons' life for many years. The exact penalties depend on several factors, including the type of weapon, what was being done with the weapon, if the weapon was loaded or concealed and the persons criminal record. Some common types of gun and weapon offenses include: (clink link to see statute)

Assault and Battery With A Dangerous Weapon
Assault and Battery With A Deadly Weapon
Feloniously Pointing A Firearm
Feloniously Discharging A Firearm
Use of A Firearm While Committing A Felony
Carrying A Concealed Weapon
Reckless Conduct With A Firearm, and
Transporting A Loaded Firearm.

There are many different weapons that may fall under the umbrella of "deadly weapons" and if you are facing criminal charges you will need the help of a lawyer. I realize how serious weapon charges are and have seen how greatly affected a persons' life can become by being convicted of this type of offense. Whether you are charged with a weapons charge because of a firearm or another weapon, such as a knife, you should immediately speak with a criminal defense lawyer. Contact Charles E. Douglas for a free initial consultation.