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Violent crimes tend to garner attention from the media, law enforcement and the community at large. The court of public opinion often judges and convicts the accused long before evidence is presented in a court of law. An experienced defense attorney not only understands this difficulty, but also knows how to pursue a strong defense despite the challenge.

Charles E. Douglas represents individuals charged with violent crimes throughout Oklahoma. With 43 years of legal experience he has the knowledge and skill to provide straightforward and intelligent representation for those accused of committing violent acts against others. Charles has considerable jury trial experience. His jury experience includes many crimes and includes the violent crimes of Murder, First Degree; Rape, First Degree; Robbery, First Degree; Kidnapping; Forcible Sodomy; Assault and Battery with A Deadly Weapon; Assault and Battery with A Dangerous Weapon; and Manslaughter, First Degree. These trials have involved blood spatter analysis, DNA evidence, fingerprint analysis, crime scene reconstruction, firearm testing, ballistic and trajectory analysis, forensic toxicology and identification experts.

Let Charles E. Douglas establish a well-planned defense strategy. This may include elements of alibi, diminished capacity, duress, self-defense or defense of others. Charles E. Douglas believes that thorough preparation is necessary and he prepares each case as though it will proceed to trial. He will use his seasoned negotiation skills, however, to resolve the matter outside the courtroom, if possible. He believes in negotiating from a position of strength.

Criminal justice is best served by a combination of technical tools and passion for the fight. Charles E. Douglas brings both elements to each case he handles. Contact him online or call him at 405.329.2300 to schedule a free initial consultation regarding your violent crime charge.