Robbery is a wrongful taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear. 21 O.S. Sec. 791 The value of the property does not matter. 21 O.S. Sec. 795  The force used can be just a simple threat or can be more serious if a weapon is used.

Force or fear requirement

Degree of force required immaterial

Element of fear

Robbery consists of Robbery in the First Degree and Robbery in the Second Degree. 21 O.S. Sec. 797  The punishment for Robbery in the First Degree is imprisonment not less than 10 years. 21 O.S. Sec. 798 The punishment for Robbery in the Second Degree is imprisonment not exceeding 10 years. 21 O.S. Sec 799
If you, or a loved one, are arrested or charged with a robbery, you need to immediately contact an aggressive criminal defense attorney who has significant experience in handling these cases. When choosing a defense attorney, you will find that former prosecutors that have handled these cases will known how the police and prosecutor will put together the case against you or your loved one. A former prosecutor who now practices criminal defense has added skills and knowledge of the thought process of the government, as well as how to defend you of this charge. Charles E. Douglas spent 13 years as a prosecutor handling these type cases.

In Oklahoma, burglary consists of either Burglary in the First Degree (21 O.S. Sec.1431) or Burglary in the Second Degree (21 O.S. Sec. 1435). Both are felonies and are punishable as follows: 21 O.S. Sec. 1436.Conviction of burglary can result in imprisonment, fines, probation and other consequences associated with a felony conviction. If you or someone you love has been arrested and charged with burglary, the most important step you can take is hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has proven ability at both pretrial negotiations with prosecutors and courtroom litigation. Charles E. Douglas has established a record as a criminal defense lawyer who will go to trial when it is in a client's best interest, and who is also adept at negotiating with prosecutors for reduced charges or alternative sentencing when that proves to be the best resolution. He has experience in both adult and juvenile courts. He can assess the short- and long-term impact of any plea agreement before accepting it. He also emphasizes clear communication with clients, explaining their options at every step and involving them in the decision-making process.

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