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Possibly the most underrepresented group of crimes in Oklahoma is municipal crimes. There are no felony-level municipal crimes. Almost all municipal crimes are misdemeanors, which technically includes petty offenses and/or traffic tickets. These charges can include DUI, APC, Drug Possession, Petty Theft and Shoplifting, Minor in Possession, Noise, Car and Dog Ordinance violations, Disturbing the Peace, Assault & Battery and Careless Driving.

So many citizens exhale in relief when they realize they are charged with "only" a traffic charge or "only" a misdemeanor. People relax and think, "Oh, good, I don't have to pay for a lawyer." They go into court, take the first deal they get and are happy because they were not given a fine or jail time.

Six months later they are sitting in a job interview and are told that they won't be eligible for the job because a background check shows a criminal record. Often clients find their drivers license suspended and they wonder why.

Municipal crimes are not always minor. Many of the municipal misdemeanor charges can have severe, long-term consequences. Don't let the charm and the atmosphere of the smaller, municipal courthouse fool you- the consequences of your municipal charge can be devastating.

Charles E. Douglas represents clients in all courts, including municipal court. Whether it be the Norman, Moore, Oklahoma City, or other municipal courts, Charles E. Douglas is experienced, prepared and available. Contact Charles E. Douglas online or call 405.329.2300 for a free consultation about your municipal charge.